Yes, we do, for both BTC and ETH mining.

We have 2 MW’s of capacity and we are quickly moving towards adding more.

We are US based company and operate out of the US and Europe.

Our power comes from renewable hydro-electric sources.


We currently offer mining Plans for bitcoin and ethereum mining. With our mining Plans, you will be leasing the unit (miner, rig) for a contracted period. Percentage of the mined coin from that unit is distributed bi-weekly  to you.

Outside of that, there are no hidden charges, no services fees, no operations fees, no electricity fees. No whatever other fees. Power, PDU, cooling, facility, security, Internet and onsite support costs are all included in the price.

Yes, please indicate how many units you are interested in signing up for when you submit our mining request.

Yes.  Whether on a 12 or 18 months plan, payment is in advance of the service.

Yes, you do.  The Mining Agreement provides the business terms and conditions.

You will receive an invoice in USD and you can pay us via wire transfer or check.

Your agreement will not be activated until we receive full payment on your invoice.

The contract term begins the day the mining starts.

The coins will be distributed on a bi-weekly basis.


We provide bitcoin and ethereum mining services for miners around the world.

Start by filling out a Mining Request For more information, take a look at our “How it Works” page.

Yes, our ethereum mining is based on GPU rigs.

Crypto Rock is focused on the success of your business as well as ours. The most effective mining requires the latest generation of miners.

Crypto Rock will choose the pool that is most reliable and produces the highest yields.


Yes, we do. Service terms are defined in the Mining Agreement.

You will be able to view your leased miners hash rate performance.

We will replace your leased miner with the like spare.